Geoverse_1_3GEOVERSE MASSIVE DATA MANAGER 1.3.1 (“MDM”) builds on previous offerings by Euclideon. MDM enables instant loading of point cloud data (11 LiDAR formats supported) regardless of size. GIS users can centralize Terabytes of LiDAR on a secure server, and access their point clouds over the Internet using a “Drag & Drop” method as simple as DropBox or MediaFire. Massive data management unlocks new doors for organizations that have invested in LiDAR – the point cloud is liberated and accessible from anywhere in the world. Euclideon’s Unlimited Detail 3D Search Engine technology is the only technology that can accomplish this extraordinary feat. The Unlimited Detail algorithm is so efficient that even the largest of point clouds can now stream easily across ordinary ADSL or even mobile 3G.

Major new Features in Geoverse 1.3.1

  • SUPPORT FOR INTENSITY & CLASSIFICATION – Geoverse Convert 1.3.1 will now place Intensity and .LAS standard classification data into UDS files
  • VISUALIZATION TOOLS – Render point clouds using their Intensity and Classification values. Enable/disable classified points in real time without re-processing
  • COLOURIZE TOOLS – Colourize point clouds in real time by using elevation or drawing contour lines at fixed intervals. Every part of the rendering can be controlled, including colours and opacity levels. No off-line processing is required
  • CUSTOMIZE FIELD OF VIEW – Set the width of the “camera lens” used to draw point clouds. This is especially useful for the Forensic Industry. Each bookmark can have a custom F.O.V. defined
  • CONNECT TO AUTOCAD® – Users can now mark-up polygonal open and closed shapes in Geoverse MDM and insert these into AutoCAD® drawings in real time. This eliminates the need for exporting shape files from Geoverse MDM and means that users can leverage their existing investment in their design products and take advantage of centrally stored LiDAR repositories streamed over the Internet.
  • RECORD DETAILED MEASUREMENTS – Mark up and extract point and line shapes based on your LiDAR data. Layers of measurements can be created with custom line thickness, colours and names. These are saved into Geoverse MDM’s compact UDP project file format and can subsequently be loaded by any user. Since the UDP project file only stores a reference to the streaming point cloud, compact UDP projects containing thousands of shape layers can easily be sent to colleagues or clients.

See for yourself and try out today the latest version of the Geoverse MDM!