Dinosaurs come to life at Queensland Museum thanks to Holoverse

Queensland Museum Lost Creatures (Image courtesy of Queensland Musuem)
A visitor experiences the Virtual Reality pod at the Queensland Museum exhibition, Lost Creatures (Image courtesy of Queensland Musuem)

The exhibition Lost Creatures at the Queensland Museum was successfully equipped with Euclideon’s Holoverse technology. Several hundred visitors queued in order to have a look at our Hologram room that allows visitors to experience 215 million years of Australian palaeontology like never before.

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(ABC radio show talking about the detailed positive experience of the hologram room. Relevant to the hologram room is from 0:00 – 3:00, 7:00 – 10:00).


Museum collections worldwide remain hidden from view by the public, kept locked away. Using Holoverse Museums are now able to visualise our vast natural and cultural history collections like never before. Using Euclideon’s technology you can create amazingly detailed virtual worlds of our past and present, whether it’s an ancient site, an extinct dinosaur, or even your favourite toys from your childhood. The virtual world is the best way to learn about our past, capture our present and imagine our future.