EUCLIDEON® software – signing of exclusive distribution agreement

mx-gallery-geo-view2Meixner is proud to announce the signing of an exclusive distribution agreement with the market-leader in 3D visualization software EUCLIDEON® of Australia.

Meixner is currently developing its own dealers network in Europe, GUS, Middle East and Africa.

The unique EUCLIDEON® software Geoverse Modeler and the Viewer enables you to convert any 3D point cloud for easily exploring, flying-through or measuring in Real-Time this data.

There is practically no limit in data volume and this software brings you even datasets up to 140 TeraByte onto your laptop or provides access through internet.

There is no loss in accuracy or data and provides a large variety of add-ons such as the integration of CAD drawings, simulation data or historic data as longs as they are georeferenced.

Meixner offers the conversion as a service to the geo-industry with a large variety of application in the field of 3D models from Airborne-Laserscanning, dense matching data or street-mapping.

We have experienced a strong interest also in industrial plants visualization and country-wide access to existing 3D laserscanning data of governmental organizations,