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GIS users can centralize Terabytes of LiDAR on a secure server, and access their data over the Internet using a “Drag & Drop” method as simple as DropBox or MediaFire. Massive data management unlocks new doors for organizations that have invested in LiDAR – the point cloud is liberated and accessible from anywhere in the world. Euclideon’s Unlimited Detail 3D Search Engine technology is the only technology that can accomplish this extraordinary feat. The Unlimited Detail algorithm is so efficient that even the largest of point clouds and image data can now stream easily across ordinary ADSL or even mobile 3G.

Geoverse MDM (Massive Data Manager):


  • Visualize and manipulate unlimited amounts of point cloud and CAD data in less than a second
  • No need for expensive, high performance computing equipment.
  • Share your data with your partners and access your data from everywhere in the world
  • Combine different datasets for further interaction (point cloud, CAD and image data)
  • Create CAD models, perform Measurements, Visualize classification, create slices, etc.
  • Easily customized to suit your needs

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  • Visualize all your orthophotos and DSM’s in less than a second
  • Share your images with your partners and customers around the globe
  • Colorize your DSM’s using orthophotos for better interpretation
  • Overlay your image data with vector data for further interaction
  • Use the program as your QA/QC tool
  • No need to send hard drives anymore

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  • Create Realistic Models
  • Open Up new Markets
  • Remove moving objects
  • Visualize Real Estate
  • Improve Digitization Work-flow
  • Solve Laserscanning Problems

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What our customer say about Geoverse

Geoverse MDM has been in use in many organisations worldwide for over a year now. Our customers around the world are finding great benefits for their business when they can store their point clouds on a central server, accessible over the Internet and losslessly compressed. Some of our customers include SNCF in France, BKK Kozut in Hungary, ARUP in the UK, Murphy Surveys in Ireland, McMullen-Nolan Group in Australia, Nokia/HERE, Terralink in NZ and many more! Our software provides powerful advantages that improve the bottom line of some of the world’s largest geospatial organizations.
“There is 4300 km road length – full road network of Budapest – that our Company is scanning yearly using Mobile Laser Scanning technology. Acquired data reaches over dozens of TB data.
Geoverse today is already our key features for pointcloud visualisation and use by our users: from traffic management to road planning and strategic decision making this is the tool to see and analyse all of our pointcloud data. Due to centralized data stream from our server Geoverse fits to our data security policy perfectly, since all users have read only access only to any pointcloud stored in the main server of our company.”
Gyula Fekete, head of department data acquisition and GIS development department, BKK Közút Zrt. Budapest

“To be able to load 50+ billion LiDAR point in a matter of seconds then browse through them seamlessly is something I had never experienced before”.

Jarlath O’Neil-Dunne,Director of the University of Vermont Spatial Analysis Laboratory. The full product review is available by clicking here.
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RealityCaptureis a state-of-the-art all-in-one photogrammetry software solution which automatically extracts beautiful and accurate 3D models from a set of ordinary images and / or laser-scans. RealityCapture is a fully featured application with a rich easy-to-use UI, extremely fast state-of-the-art core and with a set of unique features which pushes the envelope of what can be done with the photogrammetric methods. Truly amazing speed, quality and accuracy with low demand on computer hardware. Registering images, calculating a mesh, a texture, parallel projections, DSM, geo-referencing and coordinate system conversion – that is just a fraction of what you get with RC.

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