Euclideon Hologram Table


The Hologram Table can display digital models of cities or buildings as miniatures, with the ability to then zoom in down to single blades of grass – or even smaller! Users can pick up objects and move them around, or prepare holographic presentations to convey ideas. The holograms it projects can project up to 60cm high or appear to sink a meter into the Table.

How Powerful Is It?

It uses an existing 3D algorithm known as Unlimited Detail, which makes it one of the most powerful devices on the planet. It can work with terabytes of data as easily as your home computer can handle gigabytes of data. Tests so far have shown it can run laser scans of entire countries.

Can I Load My Own Data?

The Table is able to load models from nearly all 3D sources, including design drawings, point cloud data, polygon models, laser scans, photogrammetry, and more. You can connect it to your network or external hard drive for quick access your data.


Advanced Features

Multiple Hologram Tables can run models or projects from the one central server or over the internet using a new streaming technology that allows data of almost any size to load in less than a second. Hologram Tables support animation and procedural lighting across your data to help it shine.

A Unique Solution

In the media there has been a lot of talk these last four years about Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality. Both thus far have required people put screens directly in front of their eyes with large headsets held on by big straps. Such devices normally weigh from 500g to 1kg, and many require careful personal adjustment for them to work correctly.

These devices are having difficulty establishing any real acceptance in business use. For example when a couple comes to look at a newly proposed housing development they do not want to put large, heavy virtual reality helmets on the heads which cut them off from awareness of their surroundings and from interacting with each other. 

The ability for multiple users to interact with holographic versions of existing data together is a powerful tool. Load your own assets into the Table or browse through libraries of models – empower your understanding together. 

Unlike existing VR solutions, there is no need for bulky helmets.

You need only wear slip-on lightweight glasses.

Use Cases

The Hologram Table will bring a holographic function to the office, job site and home. With particular value to the Geospatial fields, it has direct applications to the majority of industries and businesses worldwide.


Architects working with clients could demonstrate changes made and compare different design solutions more easily and at any stage of the project. Developers selling ‘off the plan’ could easily showcase and compare models of available options at any scale.


Models of buildings or scans of maps can be easily used to plan or convey a course of action. Holographic objects can be moved around in real-time and holographic presentations can easily be prepared.


Industries with large scale assets, such as railroads, water boards, roads, power lines, etc., would be able to run scans or models of any size to plan work, or convey ideas to clients.


Live data can be directly hooked in to the system to show where assets, like mining trucks or equipment, is in real time. Note: we will need to custom build the software to suit the client’s inputs.


Hologram Tables in museums and universities would allow for the display and study of artifacts without needing extra space or risking damage. Creating the opportunity for artifacts to be studied and shared globally without being physically transported.

View A Hologram Table

We have put a prototype of our Hologram Table in a few of our offices around the world. Our other offices should have Tables by early 2018.

If you are interested in seeing a Hologram Table contact us and write us an introduction of who you are and why you are interested in our Hologram Table (as an investor, distributor, user, etc.) and how do you see the Table being used.

Thank you for your interest in our Hologram Table!