How Solidscan works tutorials

Euclideon has designed solidscan to be as simple and easy to use as possible. Registered laser scanner point cloud data is easily imported into the program, adjusted, and then exported directly into a streaming UDS file that can then be placed onto any Web server or central LAN server. Reflections can also be added and the final result visualized in either Geoverse MDM or the solidscan Viewer application.

1 How to plan a Scan

2 Registration of raw Laserscans

3 Solidscan Alternative

4 Create Solidscan Models

5 Video Capture

6 Solidscan Processing (Adjust Borders)

7 Solidscan Processing (Extract Objects)

8 Solidscan Processing (Cleanup Tool)

9 Solidscan Processing (Deal with Reflections)

10 Solidscan Processing (Photo Masks)