Point Cloud Modelling

Depending on the needs of the client, we can deliver 3D models of bare earth as well as extract infrastructure features into CAD. These models and CAD entities can be ingested into engineering design plans through many formats including CAD, ESRI, LAS, and ASCII. Our lidar technicians handle all post processing, point cloud classification, and deliverable creation for complex engineering design projects.

One application in which point clouds are directly usable is industrial metrology or inspection. The point cloud of a manufactured part can be aligned to a CAD model (or even another point cloud), and compared to check for differences.

These differences can be displayed as color maps that give a visual indicator of the deviation between the manufactured part and the CAD model. Geometric dimensions and tolerances can also be extracted directly from the point cloud.

Point Cloud ModellingThe reconstruction and documentation of cultural heritage such as churches, castles, ancient buildings and other artifacts is a tool which deserves more attention due to its high accuracy marks and image processing and computer vision applications and possibilities. The automatic reconstruction of historical buildings inside and outside is performed by just using a large amount of highly redundant images.




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