Terrestrial Laserscanning

The demand for lidar technology continues to grow. We offer the ability to collect very high accuracy point clouds from both aerial and land-based platforms to model an object or a scene.

Using a ground 3D laser scanner that uses a pulsed laser, we obtain high definition information on the shapes of our survey targets, such as structures and terrain, in the form of point cloud data that is a collection of 3D coordinates. (Operations are carried out from computers that are connected to high-speed scanners.)

The point cloud data acquired is used not only to measure the shapes of the survey targets, but also can be processed in order to create 3D models or 2D ground plans, elevation plans, and vertical cross-sectional diagrams.

Our worldwide partners select the optimal surveying equipment from a variety of measuring equipment, based on the condition of the measurement target and the objectives of the customer. We carry out efficient and appropriate measurement and data acquisition by reviewing and proposing measurement methods that are best suited to the site.

  • Topographic survey such as roads, parks, bridges, rivers, anti-erosion facilities, tunnels, etc.
  • Study of natural disasters (Measurement in dangerous locations such as steep slopes)
  • Measurement of buildings and structures
  • Complementing airborne laser measurement; verification of precision
  • Various forms of displacement measurement
  • Production of 3D contents
  • Study of heritage sites and cultural assets; digital archives