From Aerial Images to True-Orthophotos and Digital Surface Models

True-Orthophotos cut down production time by up to 75% – no seamline editing necessary!

Share your data with all partners and customers throughout the world

UnlimitedAerial UnlimitedAerial


UnlimitedAerial automatically gernerates high-quality geospatial data from Large Frame Aerial cameras (e.g. UltraCam, DMC, etc.) and UAVs (e.g. DelairTech, MaVinci, etc.)

The Holistic Imaging combined a challenging vision and cutting edge technology in a new product: UnlimitedAerial™, a software solution targeted to produce high resolution Digital Surface Models and True-Orthophotos automatically. UnlimitedAerial™ is especially designed to handle unlimited amounts of image data with the highest degree of automation.

UnlimitedAerial is especially developed to handle huge amounts of image data from different sources in the shortest possible time with the highest degree of automatization, supported by guided manual interaction and easy to use editing functionalities and a unique visualization technology – Euclideon‘s Unlimited Detail technology.

In combination with UnlimitedOrtho™ you are able to share all your data with clients and partners all around the world

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UnlimitedAerial Productfolder V018

Technical requirements for UnlimitedAerial®

Windows 7 x64 or later, Intel Core i7 or comparable Intel Xeon CPU, 32GB RAM, 1GB HDD space, Nvidia Graphics Card (CUDA capable) Model GTX680 or better.

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